GitLab Helm Charts

This repository collects GitLab’s official Helm charts from their individual
repos and automatically publish them to our Helm repo, located at Helm is a
package manager for Kubernetes, making it easier to deploy, upgrade, and
maintain software like GitLab.

IMPORTANT: Before using the gitlab/gitlab chart for a production-grade implementation, please read the GitLab Helm chart documentation. Detailed installation instructions can be found there.

The charts collected and published currently by this repository are the following:

Chart name Status Remark
gitlab GA Deploy the GitLab application.
gitlab-agent GA Deploys the GitLab Agent for Kubernetes.
gitlab-runner GA Deploys the GitLab CI/CD Runner.
gitlab-omnibus Deprecated Replaced by the GitLab Chart.
kubernetes-gitlab-demo Deprecated Should not be used.
auto-deploy-app Deprecated Replaced by Auto DevOps inline chart.
plantuml Deprecated uses tanka-deployments
elastic-stack Deprecated Used for the Elastic Stack managed application
apparmor Deprecated Deprecated and formerly used for the AppArmor profile loader and Pod Security Policies

More information is available in our chart documentation.


To use the charts, the Helm tool must be installed and initialized. The best
place to start is by reviewing the Helm Quick Start Guide.

Installation instructions, including configuration options, can be found in our documentation.

GitLab Helm Charts Issue Tracker

Issues related to the Charts can be logged for the respective chart at:

Contributing to the Charts

We welcome contributions and improvements. The source repo for our Helm Charts can be found here:

Please see the contribution guidelines